Sunday, November 9, 2008


Another Halloween has come & gone (thank goodness). This year Hailey dressed as a witch, a nice witch, & Zach was a skeleton. And I guess I might be a bad mother, because Chloe had no cute costume. Oh well. We went up to our Church for some Trunk or Treating. Hailey was worn out afterward, but Zach wasn't done yet, so Shad took him out in the neighborhood for a little while. We put their candy bags away, & they've hardly even asked for them. Good for them because they haven't eaten a ton of candy--bad for Shad & I because we eat it for them!


Carrie said...

They are so cute. I am glad Hailey was a nice witch. Zach kept telling me he was going to be a nice skeleton. So fun!

Nebeker Family said...

That's so funny, my kids had to be nice/silly witch/skeletons. Our kids really do think the same!

Tara said...

What cute kids!!!